Krista Allen as Taylor B&B
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No, Sheila didn’t shoot her again, but, the star explains, “My hand got mangled.”

Bold & Beautiful viewers are devoted… and very detail oriented! If you don’t believe us, just ask Krista Allen, whose eagle-eyed fans were quick to pick up on a little something extra — and concerning — they noticed in the recent scenes between her character, Taylor, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s Steffy.

In the aftermath of Sheila’s dramatic arrest at the cliff house, Ridge went off to give Brooke the deets on the madwoman’s crimes — which included pushing her off the wagon — which left mother and daughter to reflect.

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Taylor admitted she’d hoped that Hayes’ grandmother would be able to reform, but told her daughter the truth is that she’s too dangerous to be in society, let alone their family.

As Steffy continued to grieve her late husband Finn and Taylor provided support, fans noticed that on Taylor’s left hand she was sporting a bandage.
steffy Taylor bandaged hand B&B

Allen was questioned by worried fans on Twitter and explained that she had indeed been injured. Clarifying in another post that the scenes were shot four weeks ago, prior to their hiatus, the actress revealed the unexpectedly dramatic story behind the bandage — she’d saved a friend from a house fire!

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When asked about her hand, Allen relayed, “Ohhhhh boy! Yeah. Long story. I’m fine now! I saved someone from a house fire and my hand got mangled.” Wow! We’re so glad everything ended up okay!

She went on to explain, “The pics are ga-ross so I’ll spare you.”

In a follow-up exchange, Allen revealed that the injury to her hand incurred in the fire left her with another dilemma at work: “My nails were gone!” Quelle horror! Here’s how she handled it… or tried to:

Once again, we’re glad all involved are okay and hope that Allen’s hand heals quickly!

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