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Credit: John Paschal/JPI

There’s nothing like a little love and support from friends.

Good news fans, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) is continuing to recuperate nicely from her Mother’s Day weekend ankle injury and even shared a fun surprise that she had over the weekend. The actress posted pics and videos with her visitors and stated, “Look who snuck into our house today, ate our food and drank our champagne and had kisses for ‘Brooke’ and kept me laughing all afternoon, which distracted me from my broken ankle!”

With her mom and boyfriend Dominique Zoida watching alongside the cameraman, Lang laughed as she received — and loved — “all the kisses from the Italian men.” The guys continued to provide entertainment before everyone gathered for a group shot with Lang sporting a special boot on her left leg.

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Also there, was another Italian friend, Ben, who is the creator of Benheart and “came to visit from Florence, Italy.” For those who don’t know, Lang and Zoida “were thrilled to be the first to bring his beautiful brand, that [they] fell in love [with], to America” through their store in Beverly Hills. She described the brand as one “born out of passion for living life to the fullest, fashion, and people and lots of love.”

After inviting her followers to pay them a visit, the CBS soap star even said to drop her a message to let her know when you plan to stop in so she could “try to be there to help you browse through the store, maybe in a wheelchair until [her] ankle heals.”

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