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It’s time to embrace who she really is.

Surprise, surprise, but it turns out, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sheila really was trying to be a better person! At least, she was trying in her mind. Kimberlin Brown spoke to Soap Opera Digest and insisted that her unstable alter-ego was doing everything she could to put her past behind her.

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“She thought she had paid for her crimes,” the actress explained to Digest. Then she killed her own son while trying to kill Steffy. That one surprised even her.

There could be something to be said about folks refusing to give her a chance to be better and boxing her into the same corner that she’d always been in. That certainly happens, and it may have happened here. But when your reaction to that is ruining lives and murdering people, you pretty much lose any moral high ground!

“All she wanted was the opportunity to love her son and her grandson,” Brown said of Sheila, “and the Forrester family stood in the way of that.”

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Hell hath no fury like a Sheila cornered.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

What’s happened so far, though, has been the result Sheila restraining herself in order to have a shot with her family. (Pun intended.) But now that her crimes have been unearthed, her son is dead and her grandson taken from her, she’s got nothing to lose and no reason to hold back!

“Once they expose her in front of Deputy Chief Baker,” said Brown, “she vows vengeance. You should never betray Sheila. We know her history, and even though she is arrested, that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop her.”

And yes, everyone could be a target, even her bestie, Taylor. Her betrayal was devastating. Sheila really thought they had connected, and she still had a chance to be a better person, but then the shrink went and lured her into a trap.

So, what’s left for Sheila?

“The only thing she knows how to do,” Brown insists, “and that is fight.”

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