Finn, Steffy alive? B&B
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Steffy’s husband just can’t be dead — here’s how we know.

Initially, we didn’t think too much of it when Li Finnigan denied Sheila’s request to see Finn’s body and say goodbye. The grieving mother was beside herself with grief and anger at her son’s life being cut short and besides that… it was Sheila doing the asking. Denying Sheila also served a purpose — to fuel the fires of her already tumultuous psyche.

The move could easily have been written off as Bold & Beautiful just doing what it sometimes does — moving the plot along and focusing only on what they choose to focus on. Tanner Novlan had left the canvas and Steffy was in a coma, so why keep Finn’s parents around?

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Or should we say parent? One could even shrug off Finn’s father Jack not making the scene in the hospital. Presumably, the man was prostate with grief given that they had fallen out in the months prior to the shooting and was making arrangements to have Finn taken to… wherever they took him.

It definitely began to get more weird as we noticed that although people were mourning the loss of Finn, no one was asking about his parents or funeral arrangements… it was all downplayed as though the writers didn’t really want us thinking about it too hard.

Things only got stranger when Steffy came out of her coma. When she finally remembered her husband, she immediately learned that he hadn’t survived the shooting, but never asked about Li and Jack or what had become of Finn’s body. If we want to know, surely that should have been one of the first questions out of her mouth. Do his parents plan to have him cremated? Buried? Will she be asked to weigh in on a gravesite? Anything? Bueller?

After being released from the hospital, Steffy began to worry about having to tell the children, well Kelly, that Finn would never be coming home. It seems logical her thoughts would turn to how to say goodbye, and yet she still hasn’t mentioned anything about a funeral. Wouldn’t that be top of mind?!?

Additionally, Steffy still hasn’t told Kelly that Finn is gone!

It might just be quirky storytelling, but as we all well know, very little happens on soaps without a reason. It’s definitely got us feeling suspicious that the reason they’re skirting all of this is because… Finn’s not really dead.

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If Jack and Li have spirited him away somewhere in hopes he’ll one day emerge from his coma, or to nurse him back to health and keep him safe from Sheila, it doesn’t explain Steffy’s lack of dialogue on the matter. It would, however, explain the writers sweeping talk of what happened to Finn’s body and the question of a funeral under the proverbial rug.

Steffy has been spending time with Liam, and some fans have predicted that he’ll flip (or flop) back from Hope to her again as the dreaded triangle returns. Also, head writer Brad Bell teased a new romance for Steffy down the road. Wouldn’t it be soapy if her believed-dead husband, Finn, rolled up right as she was about to recommit to Liam or marry someone new?!

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Given the way this story has played out, we totally believe it could — and might — happen. If nothing else, the way they’ve written Finn’s exit certainly leaves the door open for his shocking return one day.

One thing we do know is that Finn and “Sinn” fans would be thrilled at the turn of events after having been so upset about him leaving the canvas and having his love story with Steffy and the children end so abruptly. Do you think Finn is alive or dead? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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