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“In Sheila’s mind, she can do anything… “

At long last, Steffy has remembered exactly what her Bold and & Beautiful mother-in-law did in the alley behind Il Giardino. And while what comes next promises to change several lives, that night’s events will long haunt Sheila. Because while in the past, her plots and machinations largely resulted in others being hurt, this time around her own beloved son paid the ultimate price.

“In Sheila’s mind, she can do anything,” portrayer Kimberlin Brown told us. “But others refuse to give her an opportunity to show who she could be, to have the life that she believes she deserves.”

Finn, Steffy, Sheila slap B&B

Sheila even turned the other cheek, literally, after being slapped by Steffy.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

One thing that’s never really been addressed is where Sheila went after her last visit and how she’s currently supporting herself. “I always try to make up my own backstory when I come back,” Brown admitted. “In this case, it was that when she was working at Il Giardino, she came across some information that she left town to capitalize on in order to become a better person. What better way to level the playing field with the Forresters than by having a little bit of money in the bank before returning?”

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None of that, however, made a bit of difference this time around. History repeated itself in the most tragic of ways, with Sheila unable to prevent her darker instincts from coming to the fore, and her quest for revenge costing Finn his life.

“She may go to extremes,” Brown told Soap Opera Digest, “but if she could take everything back, she really would.” That, however, isn’t possible. Nor is it likely that the Forrester family will simply forgive and forget the she-devil having shot Steffy. Will this be the end of Sheila… or simply the beginning of her next chapter?

Much like Sheila, these soap characters would love for you to forget some of the horrible things they did in the past!