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“The bombs that are about to drop are going to blow you away.”

It’s the moment The Bold and the Beautiful fans have been glued to their screens for… Steffy finally remembers that Sheila was the one in the alley with her — the one who shot not only her but killed her own son, Finn! In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood previews how it all unfolds, “Steffy is desperately trying to remember what happened and is having flashes here and there.”

And one thing Sheila didn’t bank on upon her unexpected visit to see Hayes was that it would have an unintended consequence… When Sheila arrived to see her grandson in the Thursday, May 5, episode, Steffy demanded that she leave, only to stop her before she walked out the door. Even though Sheila now thinks she could have a foot in with the family, due to saving Taylor, Steffy isn’t having it and ultimately demands she leave the cliff house. That’s when it all starts coming back to her…

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Sitting with Ridge and Taylor, Wood previewed, “All of a sudden she sees in her mind that it was Sheila in the alley with her.” Steffy knows they were fighting but with her memory still fuzzy, she can’t recall what they were arguing about — until Steffy remembers Sheila pulling a gun on her and shooting Finn!

Everyone, especially Steffy, is devastated and angry and though Ridge and Taylor want to call Baker and have Sheila arrested, Steffy stops them. She quickly comes up with a plan and wants nothing more than to be there when Sheila goes down — and doesn’t want Sheila to see it coming. “She wants to be the one to let Sheila know her time is officially up,” Wood continued. Steffy then calls Sheila to return to the cliff house, which gives her hope for a relationship with Steffy and Hayes. With Ridge and Taylor — and Baker close by — Sheila arrives and “Steffy pounces… and unleashes her fury on Sheila.”

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“It’s very quiet at first,” Kimberlin Brown added. “But I’ve got news for you, the bombs that are about to drop are going to blow you away… the moment Sheila finds out that Steffy knows, it’s explosive… if she could take everything back, she really would.” However, Brown also teased, “But Sheila is still alive and well.”

And we all know what that means, Sheila isn’t one to give up easily and back down!

Like Brown told in our previous interview, “Everything Sheila does, she does out of an almost desperate quest for love. She just wants what she sees everyone else having. She doesn’t understand why people like Brooke think she’s unworthy of love and happiness,” and further went on to explain, “So many of the awful things that have happened in the past could have been avoided if people would just stop trying to stand in the way of Sheila and happiness!”

Well, there you have it, fans… hang on to your hats because we are in for some major, exciting drama ahead!

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