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A woman from Thomas’ past should play a big role in his future.

The Bold and the Beautiful looks to be entering kind of a new era. Steffy is, sadly, single again. Eric is sleeping with Donna behind Quinn’s back. Sheila is about to get her comeuppance. And Ridge… Well, he, Brooke and Taylor are probably destined to remain on the marry-go-’round forevermore.

Some things never change.

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But with so many other shakeups going down, where does that leave Thomas? The May sweeps preview that Bradley Bell gave Soap Opera Digest made no mention of the character, who was reintroduced in 2019 with Matthew Atkinson in the role. That’s a shame, too, because there is a rich history there to mine.

If we were the headwriter/executive producer — which, last time we checked, we weren’t — we’d do what the show should have ages ago and bring back Adrienne Frantz’s pot-stirrer extraordinaire Amber. Back when Drew Tyler Bell was playing Thomas, Ridge and Taylor’s son had a scandalous affair with the young cougar. What, we wonder, would they be like together now that they’re both older and wiser?

thomas amber

They’ve come a long way, baby!

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On one hand, Thomas and Amber could evolve, learn from their mistakes and do their best to prove to everyone that they’re no longer the mannequin-loving pyromaniac and baby-swapping mantrap that they once were. On the other — and let’s be real, they’d choose the other — they could see an opportunity to make a play for Spencer Publications and find it too irresistible to reject.

The fallout from such a daring move, even as Thomas and Amber rediscover their attraction to one another, would be massive. Ridge, loving the idea of bringing down nemesis Bill, would throw his support behind Thomas and, however reluctantly, Amber. Brooke would jeopardize anew her future with Ridge by siding with Bill against her sometime stepson’s hostile takeover. And Amber’s ex Deacon would find himself in the unenviable position of backing Brooke, even as she backs his second greatest rival for her affections.

Can you say “awkward”?

Deacon hospital B&B

“Support Bill? What? How is this my life?”

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What do you think? Would you like to see Amber back in action and find out what she and Thomas would be like together having taking some knocks and learned a few lessons? On your way to the comments…

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