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One character is about to get a taste of her own medicine and it won’t go down well… especially with honey.

Bold & Beautiful’s John McCook teased that we’d soon know what Eric had been up to and boy-oh-boy he wasn’t kidding. The Forrester patriarch has been busy!

In an unexpected twist that was delivered in a really fun way, it was revealed that Quinn is about to get a taste of her own medicine. Will it go down any easier with honey? In this case… definitely not!

The jewelry designer opened up to her former lover and the company COO, Carter, about the distance between her and her husband, who has been electing to sleep in the guesthouse. Blaming herself, Quinn figured it was because Eric still hadn’t fully gotten over her sleeping with another man (even if it was his own idea in the end — we’re just saying).

Little did Quinn know that her distracted husband, who couldn’t commit even to lunch with his wife, and who left the office in a bit of a hurry, was definitely not playing pickleball as he claimed.

We gasped when Quinn declared to Carter that she was lucky to have such a wonderful and honest husband who was so committed to her — because in that moment we knew what he was up to.

Sure enough, we cut to a scene of Eric in bed, reaching for a bottle of honey on a nightstand. Many viewers will have let out a hoot as they realized he was with Donna, his ex-wife, and the one woman who had the answer to his erectile dysfunction problems.

As we all know, secrets have a way of coming out on soap operas, and this one will be explosive. Where to begin?

Not only is a core couple on the soap (presumably) going to split up, but as we mentioned, Quinn is going to get a rude awakening and she will almost certainly go ballistic — she might even revert to Dark Quinn or Crazy Quinn or Dark and Crazy Quinn.

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Eric’s shenanigans, as in the past, will affect his entire family, who might have something to say when they find out the reason he wasn’t at the hospital visiting Steffy. And since Donna’s involved, it will also bring in the Logans — though something tells us Brooke and Katie won’t be too upset.

The situation will also cause no end of upheaval at the soap’s central workplace — Forrester Creations — where all of the parties involved have to co-exist, and where another love triangle is already about to come out into the open.

Yup, it’s going to be pandemonium when, on the heels of Paris stunning Zende with the revelation that she’s been dallying with Carter, we will almost certainly then be spun into yet another conundrum for the ab-fab COO.

Carter will undoubtedly find himself caught between Paris and Quinn. The building blocks for that scenario were already put into place when Quinn overheard him trying to break things off with the young woman and proceeded to inform him he could do much better. The ex-lovers then admitted they missed one another.

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So, while Eric cheating and his marriage breaking up certainly isn’t as painful, heartbreaking, or as grave as Finn’s death, the implications of splitting up a core couple, reuniting exes, and launching new workplace love triangles and drama, has the potential to explode the canvas more completely. Virtually everyone will be affected or dragged into it in one respect or another. Heck, we may even see Wyatt again!

How do you think this will play out? Who will be affected and how? Give us your take in the comment section below.

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