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Congratulations, mama!

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) has given birth to her third son, Brando Elion Ruspoli! The actress shared the happy news on her Instagram, along with a photo of the newborn laying with mom and his two older brothers, Lenix and Rise.

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The actress has documented almost the entire journey on her social media, allowing us to follow her every step of the way, from the announcement, to the gender reveal to the birth. And she’s looked amazing through it all!

So, we thought that in order to celebrate this happy occasion, we’d share a series of photos and videos from her pregnancy, as the happy mom waited for baby number three to grow her “wolf pack” by one more. Follow her amazing journey below and take a first look at baby Brando at the end. Though just a word of warning, there is some gentle pregnancy nudity.

The Announcement

Though she didn’t make the first announcement on Instagram, Wood did post The Talk interview in which she exclaimed, “Your girl’s pregnant again!” And she posted in her typically hilarious fashion, writing, “Boop!! And another one!”

Gender Reveal?

In January, Wood shared a few photos with pink balloons, prompting fans to wonder if she had just announced that she was having a girl! Of course the following day she shared photos of her in blue, which would mean a boy. But the truth was that the actress was just showing off some fierce style!


A few weeks later, Wood showed off her baby bump for the first time in a gorgeously lit, starry outfit that seemed to be inspired by HBO’s hit, Euphoria. Or, as the actress put it, “Euphoria Mama has entered the chat.”

Life at Sea

Between the blue of the sea, the sky and that gorgeous dress, Wood’s “bumpin’ on a boat” update was downright serene. Hopefully, though, the baby didn’t get seasick!


For a lot of folks, we feel like welcoming a third child while caring for two little ones and two fur babies would be a tall order — but somehow, after seeing these loving pics, we have a feeling Wood and her hubby have got this!


“My self care,” the actress wrote when sharing this relaxing bath photo. “When I get a minute…” Self care is something rare in a home with two kids, but absolutely essential when expecting. Actually, it’s essential no matter what!

Do Wear White After Labor Day

The actress got back outside to feel the wind in her hair and show off her “bump bump bump” with this March photo that made us realize white can — and should — be worn year-round!

Natural Beauty

The mom of (soon-to-be) three has never been one to shy away from the beauty of pregnancy, and she took it to a whole other level when she hit thirty weeks and posted this breathtaking photo of “forest bathing.”

Field Good Moments

Wood got comfortable out in some fields of gold to get in touch with her “mother nature spirit.” It’s no wonder everyone from Ashley Jones (Bridget) and Katrina Bowden (Flo) chimed in on the beauty of this photo!

Taking a Breath

Sometimes it’s important to just close your eyes, breathe and take in the moment, whether it’s parenthood, pregnancy or just being. We can completely understand why Krista Allen (Taylor) and Don Diamont (Bill) both responded to this post with love.

Sweet Sunshine

Wood didn’t slow down at all during her pregnancy — and we don’t just mean taking these stunningly sunny photos. She also continued to host her mini-podcast Grateful Grains for Good Risings well into May!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Talk about not slowing down. In April, the actress made her way out to the Coachella music festival and donned a series of stunning outfits that would put the rest of us to shame. And she pulled it all off at eight months pregnant!

It’s a Boy!

In a scene straight out of The Hunger Games, the expectant mama showcased her baby’s gender reveal in a video as only she could! Out in a gorgeous field, Wood smiled at the camera, showed us a balloon with “Boy or Girl?” written on it, then drew her bow. She pulled back, released the arrow and hit a bull’s-eye, revealing blue confetti as she pierced the balloon and celebrated another son!

‘Boy Mama’

The caption said all that was needed to say as Wood took a gorgeous, blue-filled photo with her three sons — the two she already had and the third on the way!

He’s Here!

“And then there were three,” Wood wrote in her Instagram post announcing the birth of her third son, Brando Elion Ruspoli! The “wolf pack” had grown by one more, and a slew of mom’s daytime pals were right there congratulating her!

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