Quinn doesn't like Paris BB
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Will they reconnect, or has that ship sailed?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of May 2 – 6, Quinn understands how Paris feels about Carter. Read about it, and watch the preview.

After her affair with Carter, Quinn and Eric have been trying to make their marriage work. Eric even admitted his part in what happened by pushing Quinn away due to his inability to make love to his wife. However even though they are back together, Eric hasn’t been sleeping in the same bed as Quinn.

Last week, Quinn confided in Carter that while she and her husband had found solid ground in their marriage, it may never be the same after their affair. She feared he may not be able to love or trust her like he used to. Meanwhile, Carter’s had his own issues moving on with Paris, as her mother made it clear she wanted her daughter to be with Zende.

This week, Quinn and Carter have another heart-to-heart. As the man who showed her what she deserves and what she has to offer, she can’t understand why he’s choosing to be with the likes of Paris. He admits he was on the rebound from her.

Quinn bluntly tells him that she doesn’t like Paris, but she can understand why she would fall in love with him. As Quinn takes his hands in hers, Carter appears to be holding a ring! But then, Quinn gives him a smoldering look!

Will Carter move on with Paris, or is there still a connection between him and Quinn to be explored? Let us know in the comments which pair you are rooting for.

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