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Talk about a game-changing twist! 

Two worlds are about to collide on The Bold and the Beautiful. In the real world, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood will soon be on maternity leave to welcome and bond with her third child. In the reel world, Sheila’s only hope of keeping the truth about Finn’s death quiet is to finish what she started that night by permanently silencing Steffy.

The obvious solution: Go forward with the ultimate shocker and actually allow Sheila to kill Steffy.

No, no, we’re not suggesting the show fire Wood… just the opposite, actually. Instead, we’d allow the Forrester clan to deal with the repercussions of Steffy’s death even as Sheila continues worming her way into the family by giving new BFF Taylor someone to lean on.

Flash-forward a few months (translation: when Wood’s maternity leave is over). Rick Forrester returns briefly from the international offices and it quickly becomes apparent that he’s keeping a secret. At the same time, while in the park with grandson Hayes, Taylor catches a quick glimpse of a beautiful woman and gasps.


She tries to catch up with the woman, who manages to vanish into a crowd. Shook to the core, Taylor fears for her own sanity and tells no one but — who else? — her gal pal Sheila.

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Despite having been at the hospital when Steffy died, Sheila can’t help but fear that the one woman who can derail her happy new life is back in the picture. Eventually, she, too, sees the woman and, upon confronting her, quickly figures out that “Steffy” doesn’t recognize her. Believing that somehow Steffy survived — but still has amnesia — Sheila sets in motion a plot to make sure this time, her former daughter-in-law stays dead.

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Following “Steffy” to a hotel, Sheila pushes her down a staircase. Although badly injured, the younger woman survives and is rushed to the hospital. There, the Forresters are shocked and confused. How can this be happening? How can Steffy be alive… and once again fighting for her life?

“Because she’s not Steffy,” reveals Rick. “Her name is Alex. Alexandria Forrester, my wife… and Steffy’s sister.”

It turns out that the night Taylor gave birth, she had triplets, not twins, and the third child was spirited away to Paris. Rick met and fell in love with the woman who looked exactly like his former girlfriend Phoebe but, at her request, kept her existence secret. She, he says, is the reason he stayed in Europe when Maya returned.

But curiosity had gotten the best of Alex, so she’d asked him to bring her to Los Angeles so that she could decide for herself whether or not to meet the family she’d never known. And knowing their tangled, often sordid history, she now declares that she wants nothing to do with any of them!

But of course, that’s only the beginning of the story. A story which would give Wood the challenge of creating a whole new character and exploring Alex’s place in this strange, new-to-her world.

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