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“Sheila thinks she may have gotten away with this, but… ”

Judgment day is at hand for Bold & Beautiful villainess Sheila. Steffy’s memory loss may have bought Finn’s killer some time, but that time is almost up, executive producer/headwriter Bradley Bell tells Soap Opera Digest. “May is really about… making sure there is justice and making Sheila pay for her atrocities.

“Steffy will remember that Sheila shot her and Finn,” he continues. “So we’re building to a big moment of confrontation. Sheila thinks she may have gotten away with this, but she hasn’t, because Steffy is going to call her out on it, and that will be a big moment.”

Fingers crossed that this time Steffy has the good sense not to get in her monster-in-law’s face in a darkened alley!

Steffy, Sheila alley B&B

“Witnesses? Yeah, I… um… I totally have some… very nearby. Mm-hmm.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Though Kimberlin Brown, who’s played the murderess on both Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless, where the character originated, is on contract, she recently noted that “the show has an option on us, I believe, every three to six months” to keep cast members on or let them go. (Read that full story here.)

Personally, we can’t imagine that the soap isn’t gearing up to play a monumental “Who killed Sheila?” mystery. Once the whole truth comes out — about Finn’s demise, Steffy’s shooting and Brooke’s tumble off the wagon — there won’t be anyone left in L.A. who doesn’t want to see the madwoman pushing up daisies. (You can review the list of suspects here.)

Check out then-and-now photos of some former favorites — including a very familiar one to Bold & Beautiful fans — in the below gallery.