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Will Steffy remember it was Shiela who shot and murdered Finn?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of April 25 – 29, Steffy finally begins to remember. Read about it, and watch the preview.

After being shot by Shiela and left for dead alongside her husband Finn, Steffy was found in the alleyway by Deacon, who called 911. Bridget returned to town to help out at the hospital and gave Ridge and Taylor the news that Steffy was in a coma. However, a miracle occurred when Steffy stirred away. Much to Liam and everyone’s shock, Steffy had no memory of the shooting or even of Finn! She believed she was still married to Liam. Of course, this was good news for Sheila, as Steffy couldn’t pinpoint what had happened to her.

Hope was stunned when Liam decided to play along with Steffy’s belief, so as to not shock her with the reality of the situation. Of course, that’s just what happened when Steffy saw Kelly, who was not the baby she remembers. Later when Deputy Chief Baker questioned Steffy about who shot her, her memories seemed to be returning.

This week, with Liam, Thomas, and Taylor by his side, Ridge promises Steffy that they’ll find out who did this to her, both her and Finn. Suddenly, Steffy remembers Finn and her son and begs to see them.

Taylor cries to her daughter that Finn loved her so much, leading Steffy to ask, “Where is he now?”

What do you think fans? Will Finn’s death shock Steffy into remembering it was Sheila who shot them? Or will she continue to block that out?

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