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B&B Breakdown for the week of December 21!

I left for vacation before the Christmas Eve episode, so this week’s blog will only be about events through Wednesday.

Always in the Dark
Oh Thorne. He’s always the last to know what’s going on in his family’s company. His look of shock and confusion when he found out Eric was returning to the company was hilarious. And if having his office in the basement wasn’t bad enough, now he has to share it with his father. The poor man gets no respect. It was nice to see him pop up though.

The 80’s Are Back

I’m glad Katie and Bill aren’t totally buying into Eric and Ridge’s new vision for the next line and are smart enough to know their designs are God-awful. Steffy in that green sequenced number was priceless and I hope that never ever comes back in style. This story has a lot of humorous potential, as long as they keep showing us the clothes Eric and Ridge come up with. I so hope there is a fashion show for this collection. I do wonder if Eric and Ridge’s plan will backfire though and their gaudy 80’s clothes become a big hit. I would love that.