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“The whole vibe of the psychiatrist and the psychopath is kinda cool!” 

Ever since Sheila saved Taylor’s life on the hospital rooftop, many Bold & Beautiful fans have found themselves weirdly enjoying the friendship that’s forming between the women. Sure, Sheila shot and “killed” the shrink, but that was then and this is now. “It’s twisted, isn’t it?” laughed Krista Allen (Taylor) during a recent edition of the YouTube chatfest Bold Live.

Upon hearing that some viewers had dubbed Sheila and Taylor “Shaylor,” Allen admitted she loves working with the she-devil’s portrayer. “I think the whole vibe of the psychiatrist and the psychopath is kinda cool!”

Like many fans, Allen said she’s been enjoying the kinship between the women. “It’s so wrong it’s right,” she smiled. “It’s a twisted friendship with so much heart.”

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Guess which one of these people isn’t rooting for Steffy’s memory to return?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Of course, there’s one big stumbling block this new friendship eventually will have to face: the truth! “Taylor has just told Sheila that she’s going to be there for her,” explained Allen. “She also said, ‘You have a place in our family. If this doesn’t give you a place in our family, I don’t know what would. The old Sheila would not have saved my life!'”

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However, the actress continues, “Taylor has no idea that Sheila is the one who killed Finn and shot [Steffy], so she’s going to be standing up for Sheila.”

An added bonus, as Allen sees it, is the opportunity to play in a different sandbox. “I love that there’s this other side storyline that takes me out of the [Brooke/Ridge/Taylor] triangle,” she confessed. “That’s been fantastic, being able to explore different emotions and different things. Just knowing the history… and being able to play it with as many layers as I can as been so fun.”

But come on… it’s Sheila! Is Taylor being naive? “She really does believe that people can change,” insisted Allen. “When her heart goes out to her as much as it does, it’s because she also knows that Sheila’s fragile in terms of her mental health, right? So yeah, there’s a lot of things there, but I think the bond that formed because of what just happened is going to be really fun to explore, because when this explodes… “

Perhaps what Taylor needs is a reminder of just how many sins her new gal pal has committed… as evidenced in the below photo gallery!