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Things happen for a reason.

If The Bold and the Beautiful is going where we think it is, this is gonna be rough for Taylor. Despite once “dying” at Sheila’s hand, the compassionate shrink reached out to the madwoman as she contemplated taking a flying leap off the hospital’s roof. The two further bonded when Sheila kept Taylor from plunging to her death.

It could’ve been the beginning of a wonderful, if unlikely, friendship. There’s just one thing…

Taylor doesn’t yet know that it was Sheila who accidentally killed Finn while deliberately trying to murder her gal pal’s daughter Steffy in cold blood. Even for someone as forgiving as Taylor, that would have to be a deal-breaker. So what we suspect is that the show has set up this relationship between the women only so that it will be extra intense when the truth comes out and Taylor, reeling, ends Sheila’s reign of terror for good. We know, we know… Taylor isn’t exactly the homicidal-maniac type. But she did try to off Bill for blowing up Steffy’s marriage to Liam. And the shock of learning that her buddy has blood on her hands — and wanted that blood to be Steffy’s — could push her right over the edge.

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Any way you slice it, it seems like we’re headed for a “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery. Whenever Steffy remembers not only what went down in that alley but what the she-devil did to Brooke, she’s going to have a target on her back that’s so big and bright, it’ll show up on radar.

Check out the below photo gallery to review the looong list of potential suspects in a “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery.