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It’s all going down on Tuesday, April 19. 

Brace yourself, because The Bold and the Beautiful is about to rip the rug out from under viewers yet again. How do we know? Because supervising producer Casey Kaspryzk said so, and regular readers will recall that he’s the same guy who first began hinting at the big twist which ultimately turned out to be Finn’s shocking death.

During the most recent edition of Bold Live, the YouTube chatfest Kaspryzk hosts, the producer chose his words carefully. “The one thing I can say is that Tuesday, April 19th… that’s really gonna shake up Twitter again, and social media,” he revealed, adding, “All hell’s gonna break loose.”

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Certainly Kaspryzk knows a thing or two about social media reactions. When teasing Finn’s death, he correctly assumed that the fallout would rock viewers. “I’m not going to say that people won’t be upset,” he understated.

Finn, Steffy wedding kiss B&B

Steffy/Finn fans are still reeling from the hunk’s death.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

During the April 15 episode of Bold Live — which featured special guest Krista Allen (Taylor) and can be viewed in its entirety below — the producer seemed to indicate that the upcoming shocker would involve Finn’s widow, who is still recovering from having been shot by his manic mom.

“We know that Steffy is awake,” he said, “but she’s not really communicating that well yet.” In fact, the episode which aired earlier that day found the poor hospitalized woman practically unable to make clear to her family that she wanted a sip of water! 

“Steffy does get stronger,” Kaspryzk added. But his next words were somewhat chilling. Acknowledging that fans had taken to Twitter with the hashtag #SaveFinn, he said that what came next was “really like #SaveSteffy.”

That was pretty much all he would reveal, except to say that the show was “gonna keep the fun going.”

Hit the comments to speculate wildly as to what might happen this Tuesday, then check out the rules to our soap opera drinking game. We might just have to add “Every time Kaspryzk drops a killer tease, chug!”