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The psychopath who shot her own son is in dire need of a miracle reprieve… and she just might get it.

Bold & Beautiful actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood promised more twists ahead in Steffy’s story and we have a feeling the next one will be a doozy. As viewers wait on tenterhooks to discover whether or not her character will expose Sheila as the one who shot her and Finn in the alley, it may be a reveal of a different and much more unexpected nature that she coughs up.

Let’s face it, Sheila’s badly in need of a reprieve. Though it came at the expense of her son’s life, the psychopath finally managed to gain the acceptance she always wanted from Taylor after saving her life on the roof. Sheila obviously doesn’t want to hightail it out of town and go on the lam after the prospect of a relationship with Hayes has been dangled (much like Taylor, ha!), but there’s one thing standing in her way — Steffy’s memory.

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So, what if Steffy’s recall was off for a while in light of the trauma she’s undergone? That would certainly buy the madwoman some time.

Bold & Beautiful teasers indicate that Steffy will stun Ridge and Liam with a shocking comment, which immediately triggered our suspicions. She might finger Sheila as the shooter, but that would quickly put an end to the storyline, and therefore is unlikely to happen.

As we all are well aware, nothing happens without a reason on soaps, and while it makes sense for Liam to be at the hospital and full of concern that Steffy would pull through, we have to wonder at the reason for the flashback retrospective of Liam and Steffy’s romance. It certainly didn’t go over well with fans of Steffy and Finn given the timing, but it got us thinking that the curious focus on ‘Steam’s’ bond might be purposeful… As in, Steffy’s family will discover she has amnesia and believes she’s still married to, or involved with, Liam.

It makes sense if you look at the next spoiler in the pack, which has Brooke arguing with Ridge and Taylor about Steffy. Why else would the blonde be engaging at the hospital if not to lobby for Steffy to be told the truth — that her daughter is married to Liam?

We next have Hope trying to gently ease Steffy back into reality. This gives more credence to the theory that Steffy is somehow living in the past and it certainly sounds as though her stepsister is keen to have her dialed in on the truth about who is married to Liam.

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Finally, Taylor stands her ground with Brooke and Hope about Steffy’s treatment, which almost certainly means that she’ll be insistent that her daughter be allowed to continue to believe that Liam is her husband as she recovers from her ordeal.

This scenario not only provides some throwback drama to the days of the dreaded Liam/Steffy/Hope love triangle, but allows Bold & Beautiful to keep Sheila on the canvas to dig in deeper with the family — so that the shock when Taylor learns she’s invited the woman who shot her daughter and Finn into the fold will be that much more intense.

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Of course, it can’t go on too long unless they’re going to allow Steffy to believe she had a son with Liam. So it’s safe to say that Sheila’s days are still numbered.

What do you think will happen as Steffy recovers? Share your take below.

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