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Once again, we can’t take our eyes off her! 

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Diamond White has broken out a number of eye-catching looks since she first debuted as Paris back in November of 2020. The Forrester employee always has a plethora of unique and incredible outfits, of course — a must-have for someone who works for one of the world’s premiere fashion companies — but White herself has always upped Paris’ style game as she’s brought her own touch to the character.

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From the moment she first appeared with her pink hair, Paris was turning heads (she certainly turned Zende’s!) but it didn’t take long before she settled on a blonde look. The following fall, White then broke out the orange for a bit before heading back to blonde in time for the holidays. Now, though, she’s heading in a totally new direction with the look she debuted on Bold & Beautiful‘s Thursday, April 14 episode!

This time, White kept the blonde, but added braided extensions running down her back. And we have to say, the new hair paired with Paris’ blouse in the episode was nothing short of stunning.

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Of course, the ‘do isn’t that new for followers of the actress on social media! She first debuted it this past Valentine’s Day, even as she encouraged us to take a deep dive into the holiday tailored to happy couples by asking, “Is it Valentine’s Day or is it trauma?”

For Paris, we’d probably say a little bit of both, but we’ll leave the rest of you to answer that question for yourselves!

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Jennifer Gareis (Donna) chimed in almost immediately, declaring, “You gorgeous thing!” White responded that she missed seeing her co-star’s face, and that’s a sentiment we certainly understand.

We haven’t been seeing Paris much since she stood up to her mother and Carter pushed her towards Zende. Sheila’s scheming and the dramatic fall-out of the shooting has been front and center. But this is one heck of a way to make her return, and we can only hope this powerful new look is a hint of a determined Paris to come.

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