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Credit: Gilles Toucas/CBS

It’s been months and she still isn’t in the credits? 

Speculation started flying that Taylor’s not long for this world, pretty much from the second Bold & Beautiful aired that the Tuesday, April 12 episode cliffhanger. Or should that be roofhanger? Either way, it’s been the most talked about fade to black since The Sopranos went off the air.

And even if she does survive, Sheila’s still out there, still unstable, and could still view Taylor as a threat! So does that mean the shrink’s destined for the undertaker?

Some fans have pointed to the fact that Krista Allen has yet to be added to the show’s glamorous opening credits as worrying proof that they never actually planned on keeping her around. And that would make her the perfect fodder for a murderous Sheila either now or down the line!

Fortunately for us, when one viewer asked her this very question, the actress explained what was going on — and it’s a lot less sinister than we might have feared!

“This seems to be asked a lot so I’m gonna make a proper tweet,” Allen wrote. “We had a tech issue on our last shoot and the whole thing was unusable. We have to reshoot. But we have to find the time! First shoot was sheepdog wig, second was a bust… Third time’s the charm!”

Whew! OK, that certainly helps put some fears to rest. If they’re still planning on shooting her after two failed attempts, then it seems safe to say that not only won’t the rooftop be the end of Taylor, but she and Allen will be sticking around for (we hope!) a good, long time!

Also, darn you, sheepdog wig! You strike again! If not for that, the actress would have gotten her shoot in right off the bat, and we wouldn’t be in this worrying mess to begin with. But hey, at least it gave us a little off-screen drama to go with the rooftop shenanigans on-screen!

Even though Taylor may be safe, Sheila’s still a danger so check out our gallery of the evil nurse’s life and crimes!