B&B hospital roof sheila taylor
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“That’s what happens when you try to help a lunatic!” 

When Sheila headed for the hospital roof and contemplated throwing herself off, Bold & Beautiful viewers were pretty sure she wouldn’t actually do it. After all, there’s far too much story left to tell with the grieving mother and the comatose daughter-in-law who could reveal her sins. But what fans didn’t predict was that in attempting to save Sheila’s life, Taylor would wind up going over the edge herself!

Immediately, fans began to speculate about what will happen next. While some wondered if the “big plot twist” the show had been teasing for weeks might be Taylor’s death as opposed to Finn’s, others had a far more savvy theory: That Sheila would save Taylor’s life and, in doing so, worm her way even further into the Forrester family… at least as long as Steffy remains unable to reveal what really went down in that alley!

Of course, some knew exactly what will come next thanks to the spoilers for the rest of the week. But it soon became clear that a whole lotta people avoid reading the advance teasers in order to enjoy the thrill of having the story unfold as it was meant to.

One thing most of those voicing opinions on social media agreed upon? They don’t want to lose Krista Allen’s Taylor. In fact, many are instead counting down the days until Sheila gets her comeuppance… which is understandable, given that she’s terrorized both Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless for literally decades!

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All of which makes us think the show might be heading for another death… but not that of Taylor. Join us in guessing which of Sheila’s many victims might wind up murdering her!