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An inside look at the bizarre relationship between the psychiatrist and the woman who shot her.

Bold & Beautiful fans were left on the edge of their seats as the week kicked off when Sheila took to the hospital roof with plans to jump to her death after deciding she couldn’t go on without Finn, the son whose life she inadvertently snuffed out in a back alley.

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As his wife lay in a coma inside, Sheila went into a meltdown after a confrontation with her brother, Thomas, who knew she’d been up to her old tricks and had it in for Steffy. When he asked her point blank (pun intended) if she had anything to do with the shooting, Sheila talked her way around the truth before outright lying and denying.

Steffy and Thomas’ mother, Taylor, who had been the one person (and notably, psychiatrist) who had given Sheila any leeway since she arrived back in town, intervened.

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When Sheila ran off in a fit of grief, Taylor hightailed it after her — only to discover her standing on the roof ledge on the verge of committing suicide. The drama ratcheted up as Taylor hollered at Sheila not to jump and the screen went black as she shouted, “Don’t!”

That could have been an intense Friday cliffhanger, but alas, it was a Monday episode, and as Taylor’s portrayer Krista Allen teased on social media, we’re in for more! She revealed, “Fun fact: The intense roof scenes this week are all directed by Casey Kasprzyk.”

Sharing a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at herself and Kimberlin Brown spoofing the bizarre relationship that has developed between the psychiatrist and the woman who once shot her, the two actresses cozied up on the roof for a rendition of Whitney Houston’s Saving All My Love For You. Watch it below!

Sheila really does think Taylor has championed her cause after inviting her to the house for Christmas Eve. They may not be the gal pals that Sheila imagines, but Doc may well be the only one who can get through to the unhinged woman now. How do you think this story will play out?

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As her life hangs in the balance, look back on Sheila’s life and times in the photo gallery below.

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