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“Finn hasn’t even had a funeral yet!”

Fans who are still reeling from the shocking death of Bold & Beautiful‘s Finn felt as if they’d had salt rubbed in their wounds when the soap posted a tribute to Steffy and Liam’s relationship. In a tweet featuring pics of the former couple, the show asked, “What’s your favorite moment with these two?” While hundreds of people responded, what they had to say probably wasn’t what the soap — which seems poised to revisit the long-running Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle — wanted to here.

“Finn hasn’t even had a funeral yet, and you are already promoting [Liam and Steffy]?” asked a shocked Cecilia, adding that she felt bad for Steffy/Finn fans. The show, she said, “loves destroying Steffy’s pairings to prop waffle boy.”

More than a few proved to have a sense of humor about the situation, with numerous responses featuring images of Liam being slapped… and not always by Steffy.

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“Still” others (pun intended) suggested that instead of sending Steffy back into the arms of Liam, they should let her revisit the incendiary chemistry she shared with his dad, Bill. “Biggest mistake ever was not keeping them together,” tweeted Cheryl Melton. “They are the power and the magic of Bold & Beautiful.”

But the biggest complaint, especially from Steffy/Finn supporters, was the disrespect shown them and their favorite pairing. “Why are there pictures of Liam and Steffy together?” asked Pamela Lee Moore. “We should be seeing pictures of Steffy and Finn together. The writers could at least give everyone a moment to process the fact that Finn is gone!”

Hey, we feel your pain, Sinn fans. In fact, here’s a chance to relive the beautiful (and ultimately tragic) romance of Steffy and Finn