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“There is some very interesting stuff coming up… ”

The Grim Reaper is threatening to make another guest appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful. After killing son Finn during her attempt to murder his wife Steffy — hey, it happens — Sheila is understandably distraught. “The grief she is stricken with… is overwhelming,” portrayer Kimberlin Brown tells Soap Opera Digest.

In fact, it’s so overwhelming that this week, the madwoman ascends to the hospital’s rooftop, seemingly intent on taking a flying leap. “But,” Brown adds, “unbeknownst to her, Taylor follows her, and there is some very interesting stuff coming up that takes place on that roof that will definitely impact the situation.”

Steffy unconscious hospital B&B

“Soon as I wake up, Sheila’s toast!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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If Taylor knew that it was Sheila who’d shot her son-in-law and put her daughter in a coma, she might be likelier to nudge the psycho forward off the ledge rather than pull her back. Being in the dark, however, Taylor urges Sheila not to take that step. “She truly wants to see the good in people and always wants to help people,” Brown marvels. Here, Taylor’s “truly concerned because she sees the grief that Sheila has been displaying during this horrible time.”

If Taylor does manage to extend the murderess’ lease on life, we still suspect that we’re headed for a “Who killed Sheila?” mystery. We can scratch Finn off the list of suspects, and some of the others’ motives now have changed, but…

Contemplate the characters likeliest to exact permanent vengeance on Sheila in the below photo gallery.