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“I feel like it has to have been him.”

Where did Rick and Maya Forrester go wrong on The Bold and the Beautiful? That’s the question daytime viewers have been asking themselves since their  marriage hit the skids in 2018. Viewers will recall that Maya returned to Los Angeles without either her husband or any explanation for why they had split.

So during our recent chat with Karla Mosley, we had to get her thoughts on Rick staying in Paris and Maya returning to Los Angeles. Does she have a theory as to why they split up? She told Soaps.com that it wasn’t an easy decision for the writers and there was a lot of back-and-forth going on behind the scenes. “There was a fear of, ‘Well, we can’t break [Maya] and Rick up, we can’t do this with them because we don’t want to step on toes or we don’t want to tell the wrong story, we don’t want to send the wrong message,’ ” she shares.

But Mosley believes that “there’s so much room for people to be messy” because “everyone’s messy, so let [Rick and Maya] have a full, rich life and story.” And that’s why she still hopes that The Bold and the Beautiful finds a way to bring Maya back into the fold.

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But this is where Mosley digs deep into the couple’s state of mind and who was really at fault for their divorcespoiler alert! — it wasn’t Maya. “I feel like it has to have been him, personally, because she was so in love with him, and he was on such a pedestal that I wonder if he maybe had a relationship while they were in Europe,” she speculates.

Furthering Mosley’s theory? “The family continued to welcome her the way that they did,” which sure seemed like a sign that the split had nothing to do with Maya. “I feel like if she had been the one who messed up that they might have said, ‘Alright, Maya, we will see you when we see you.’ But the fact that they still supported her so much, and Brooke was still so connected to her,” she adds, “it makes me think that maybe Rick had some shenanigans over there in Paris.”

For more of our chat with Mosley — including her thoughts on what why she thinks Maya should return to The Bold and the Beautiful — watch the entire video interview above. Then join us in checking out all the show’s recent comings and goings.