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There’s nothing quite like a little mother/daughter rivalry.

In a classic case of misdirection, Bold & Beautiful has had us focused on their big twist for so long, the show managed to surprise us from an entirely different direction when they brought Bridget back to Los Angeles! And the surprise, it turns out, is even bigger than we had thought, because it looks like Ashley Jones didn’t just step in for a quick visit.

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Last week, the actress had some time on her hands, so she decided to answer a few fan questions on Twitter. The most pressing question, of course, was whether or not Jones was put back on contract. The actress gave us some good and slightly-less-good-but-still-hopeful news in response to that one.

“Not a contract,” Jones responded, “but Bridget is not going anywhere, not yet, at least. She is back in LA!”

And that is great news! Plus, who’s to say that won’t shift with some juicy storyline that makes Bold & Beautiful realize she needs to be signed back with the show full-time?

Fortunately, we know exactly the story that would do it… and we think there’s a decent chance it might happen!

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When David asked if Jones had shot any scenes with Sean Kanan since she’d been back and mentioned how nice it would be to see Deacon and Bridget reunite, the actress played coy.

“Not sure if I’m allowed to say one way or another,” she responded. “What do you think?”

Honestly? We think that sounds suspiciously like a yes! Or at least we hope it is. How could the show pass up the opportunity to get those two young lovebirds back together?

Young lovebirds might be a bit of a stretch, seeing as how Deacon seduced and married Bridget in some twisted revenge plot against Rick for taking Amber… but clearly, they still have fans out there. And as gross as that relationship started out, Bridget’s feelings for her her husband were real, and Deacon’s, in time, were as well. At least until Brooke seduced him away and they conceived Hope.

“I honestly feel like Bridget and Brooke never really dealt with that,” Katherine Kelly Lang said of the messy affair on a recent Bold LIVE. “It was kind of pushed down.”

“Oh, 100%, they never dealt with it,” Jones chimed in. “Ever! And also, Deacon, he was never really able to officially apologize with me. There’s a whole slew of really fun stuff we could explore.”

It’s hard to tell where Brooke and Ridge’s futures will lead them, but after the double tragedy of Finn and Steffy, we can’t imagine he’ll be turning his back on Taylor any time soon. Their family, after all, is in crisis. Now is the time to draw strength from each other.

And that means Brooke’s free to find herself a new man. Or rather, move on to an old one in Deacon! They’ve been circling each other long enough, and Brooke has to face the fact that Ridge has moved on (for now!) sooner or later.

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Except now that Bridget’s back in town, if Brooke doesn’t move fast enough, she may lose her chance.

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Ah, the good old days.

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Yeah, Bridget’s forgiven her mom, but some wounds run deep. There has got to be a part of her that would get some satisfaction out of not just reuniting with her first real love, but sticking it to her mom while she was at it. She could swoop in before Brooke made up her mind, not necessarily stealing Deacon like her mom did, but certainly keeping him from her.

That would drive Brooke crazy, no matter how much of a nice face she might put on it. Nothing makes her want a man more than not being able to have him! Of course, Bridget would have to know to keep a close eye on her mother, so she doesn’t end up stealing Deacon again.

Really, we don’t see how it wouldn’t end up being messy with both Deacon and Brooke involved — and that would give Bridget plenty of reason to stay in Los Angeles and keep us entertained!

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