katherine kelly lang brooke silver dress bb
Credit: Sean Smith/CBS

A sweet moment captured on video.

It’s part of a soap star’s daily routine to hit the hair and makeup department before shooting scenes at the studios. However, The Bold and the Beautiful vet Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) recently received a very different makeover — from her sweet granddaughter Zuma. The actress posted a video on Instagram so fans could watch it all go down and shared, “Zuma is braiding my hair.”

In the video, with Elton John and Dua Lipa’s “Cold Heart (PNAU remix)” playing in the background, Lang sat still while Zuma made adjustments to her hair then turned to show off the braid to the camera, which then zoomed in on Zuma as she finished her creation by putting a hair tie in place to hold the style.

“She is adorable,” Lang continued. “She is growing up so fast!”

Adorable indeed!

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Last month the CBS soap actress posted a pic of her daughter and granddaughter to show just how much they look alike — “like twins.”

She even gave followers a peek into “the sweetest” moment between her two grandchildren captured on a beautiful day.

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