Kelly Kruger, Darin Brooks B&B
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Some of their answers may surprise you!

Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger met while filming Blue Mountain State and went on to work together on The Bold and the Beautiful, where he plays Wyatt and she appeared as Eva the Forrester Creations publicist. After tying the knot and having two kids together, Everleigh Jolie and Gemma Wynter, who was born in February, the pair felt they knew each other well enough to put it to the test.

The couple, who just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary last month, decided to try out an Instagram quiz in which they are kinda on the hot seat to answer questions — the speed-dating of relationship quizzes, if you will.

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The goal is to see how many of the questions the couple comes up with the same answer for while racing against the clock. You point to yourself or your spouse, whoever is the “messiest” or “funniest” and see if you’re of the same mind.

Kruger Brooks posted the video you can see for yourself below, and noted, “I think we are on the same page.” If you’re fans of this popular daytime couple, it’s kinda fun to do the quiz along with them and see how well you’ve gotten to know them — and their relationship — over the years. Of course, she also wants to know, “Any of these answers surprise you?”

Well, how did you fare? We may not have known who was the most romantic or who said, “I love you” first, but we were able to guess that Brooks was the funniest — he’s always got jokes — and that part of his personality even manages to shine through when he’s on screen playing Bold & Beautiful’s Wyatt.

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How many did you guess correctly? Which soap couples do you think would do well at this quiz? Let us know!

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