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“There are so many stories to be told about Maya.”

Playing Maya Avant on The Bold and the Beautiful earned Karla Mosley, and the show, a place in the history books with the first regular transgender character in American daytime TV. While she is honored to have taken on the challenge of such an iconic character, Mosley admits that she knew “there was a time limit for it” because she’s “a cisgender person.”

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To this day, viewers still have no clue what went wrong in Rick and Maya’s marriage!

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Although she exited the role in 2019, Mosley hopes that Maya returns to The Bold and the Beautiful landscape — just not with her playing the character. “I really believe that trans people should be playing trans characters,” she explains. “There are so many stories to be told about Maya, but I [don’t] think they should be told by me.”

The Deadly Cheer Mom star also hopes that if Maya returns her important LGBTQ+ story is crafted by trans writers as well. “To tell authentic stories and to feel free in the stories that we’re telling, it’s important to have the people who actually know telling those stories or writing those stories, because then we can just do more,” she says.

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Nicole helped Maya and Rick bring their baby dream to literal life.

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Mosley still cherishes her time in the role and praises her former co-stars Jacob Young (ex-Rick), Reign Edwards (ex-Nicole) and Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) for making her experience on the soap so special. “Jacob and I trusted each other so much, and the same thing with Lawrence and Reign, who played my sister, we’re also extremely close,” she smiles. “We’re like sisters. So yeah, that crew… We truly became like a family and invested a lot of our heart into making sure that we told the story well.” And Mosley does have hopes of returning to daytime in a full-time role at some point in the future. “I hope Maya returns,” she concludes,  “and I hope I return, but not in the same role.”

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