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Should the walls start closing in on Sheila, her next move could prove ruinous for her unsuspecting associate.

It was a notable twist in the shooting story on Bold & Beautiful that Sheila didn’t get caught in the act — she had a silencer on her gun — and just happened to have a pair of gloves for avoiding those pesky fingerprints as well. Does she just happen to travel with these items on hand or did she plan ahead for a worst-case scenario when meeting with Steffy?

After both of them had been shot, the psycho dove in and decided to make the scene appear to be a mugging gone wrong by taking Finn’s wallet, Steffy’s purse and their wedding rings.

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Back at her hotel, Sheila stashed the goods in a trash bag, but we never saw what became of it. She showered, melted down, and was soon giving an Oscar-worthy performance after Deacon showed up at her door with the bad news.

Backing up a bit, if you’re a Deacon fan, chances are it might have crossed your mind when he first showed up in the alley that it might not be the most fortuitous turn of events for him to the person who discovered the victims. You might actually have been thinking, “Get the hell out of there, Deacon!” But of course, he has a good heart and wasn’t going to leave them to their fate without calling for help.

As the police officer questioned him, it might then have occurred to you that Deacon might be under a bit of suspicion given he’s the one who found them, but heard nothing, and there were no witnesses or other suspects. Perhaps the officer was wondering if he stayed on the scene to call 911 to make himself appear innocent after a robbery gone awry.

Here’s where the concern really comes in — what if the walls start closing in on Sheila and her diabolical mind goes down this same avenue? What if she realizes that Deacon was in the wrong place at the wrong time… or for her, perhaps exactly the right time? If so, it wouldn’t be good for Mr. Sharpe.

All Sheila would have to do is plant the evidence, aka, the rings, purse and wallet, in Deacon’s living quarters and he’d be in a world of trouble… and the spotlight would be off of her.

“Deacon’s weak on motive,” you might be thinking. But it’s not going to be a stretch for the authorities to believe that a guy who is broke, mopping floors, and living in a broom closet, would be tempted to cash in by holding up a wealthy couple in the alley behind his restaurant. Especially if that guy is a career criminal and con. How many questions are they really going to ask if the evidence is right there in Deacon’s aforementioned abode? Steffy’s family members (Ridge!) would be quick to jump on the bandwagon and blame him too.

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It’s unlikely that there were cameras in the alley to exonerate Deacon and show Sheila to be the true shooter, which means he’ll be in a really awful pickle. We hope we’re wrong, but we were warned that lives would be changed forever by Bold & Beautiful’s big twist. So far, it’s affected Sheila, Finn, Steffy, and Steffy’s loved ones, and if Deacon is framed by the she-devil responsible it could also ruin his life — and after he worked so hard to turn things around.

We’ve no illusions that Sheila would hesitate to frame Deacon to take the fall. Do you? How do you think this story will play out?

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