Finn thinks B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“Why can’t Steffy ever have happiness?”

For a few days there, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Finn — and portrayer Tanner Novlan — held out hope. Sure, things looked bleak at the end of the episode which aired on Friday, April 1, but Finn had not been declared dead. Over the weekend, many refused to believe that the “big twist” the show had been touting for weeks was that Steffy’s beloved husband would be killed in cold blood by his insane mom.

By Monday, things weren’t looking good for Finn, with Deacon seemingly unable to find a pulse as he struggled to comprehend the horrors he’d discovered in the alley behind Il Giardino. Fans held onto the belief that Finn would survive, many refusing to believe he was gone even after the show had confirmed Tanner Novlan was no longer with the show.

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But Tuesday’s episode made it clear that Finn was really, most sincerely dead. Not soap-opera dead or dead-but-there’s-no-body, but dead-dead. And it hit a whole lot of fans hard. “Can’t steffy ever have happienss?” tweeted B&B Universe, echoing a sentiment felt by many.

Others, despite being upset, credited Bold & Beautiful with having cranked up the drama. “As much as I hate this — and I really do — congrats Bold on feeling like a real soap again,” wrote SoapFanIVLife.

Elsewhere, a whole lot of anger was being directed toward the show’s scribes. So much so, in fact, that superfan and regular Bold Live guest Matt Hanvey joked on his Twitter feed that perhaps the writers might want to seek shelter.

Of course, they’re no strangers to outraged fans, having poked that particular bear on a regular basis with their plot twists. In fact, weeks before the episodes surrounding Finn’s death aired, supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk issued what might have been considered a storm warning. “I’m not saying that people won’t be upset,” he admitted during a Bold Live broadcast.

Well, he was certainly right. Now, as Steffy fights for her life, fans are left to wonder what’s next for the heroine… and hoping she won’t be caught up in a redux of the triangle she’s shared with Liam and Hope for most of her adult life!

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