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By killing his storyline, the show set the stage to resurrect another one.

As The Bold and the Beautiful led up to Finn’s murder, we were told time and again that a game-changing twist was in store. But what his demise really was was less “game-changing” than “game-changing-back,” because unless we miss our mark, the powers that be are just going to throw Steffy once more into a love triangle with ex-husband Liam and her sometime stepsister, Hope.

That’s kinda the show’s thing: lather, rinse, repeat. It’s done it for decades with Brooke/Ridge/Taylor and for years with Steffy/Liam/Hope. In Finn, it had a chance to break the cycle. In time, it could’ve even played Steffy/Finn/Hope for a (slight) change of pace. But by scrubbing out the doctor for good, it’s tipped its hand and all but said, “Nah, we’re gonna do what we’ve always done. Again.”

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The way they were… and seem likely to be again.

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Change is hard. We get it. But Bold & Beautiful really seems to struggle with it, preferring to go back to the same wells over and over again. After so many years, for instance, wouldn’t you think that the show would have another villain in its stable besides Sheila? It doesn’t, though. Whenever it needs the pot stirred, it just dusts off its go-to psycho rather than take a chance on creating a new character.

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Wouldn’t you think that finding new love interests with whom to pair Bill and Katie would be easy peasy, considering that their portrayers have chemistry with literally everybody? We’d think so, too. Yet the show has left them in storyline limbo rather than take advantage of the MVPs in its midst.


Well, that’s one way to heat up a storyline!

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Heck, Bold & Beautiful accidentally struck gold with its pairing of Carter and Quinn, and in response, dropped the couple like they were hot (which they were) and returned to the status quo (Quinn with Eric, largely off screen). It’s like someone needs to sit the show down and say, “It’s OK to change, to evolve, to grow. I know it’s scary, but if you just do the same thing all the time, every episode is going to start to feel like a rerun.”

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