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Got a tissue? ’Cause you’re gonna need one. Maybe more than one, come to think of it.

At least he died a hero. The Bold and the Beautiful let Finn ride to wife Steffy’s rescue in the April 1 episode, saving her from a shot fired by his own mother. But in doing so, he himself was struck. And in the shocking April 4 episode of the CBS soap, Sheila kissed him goodbye — like, really goodbye. For good. Kaput. The end.

Steffy, Finn dead B&B

“Remember me fondly… and shirtless. Always shirtless.”

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As devastating as the turn of events is, it isn’t the first or even 21st time that the show has shocked tears out of us with a character’s passing. In fact, on many an occasion, it’s reduced us to blubbering messes by making grave matters of plot twists. As coincidence would have it, we’ve included a whole bunch of them in the below photo gallery.

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Parting was such sweet sorrow for C.J. and Becky.

Among the to-die-for entries you’ll find are not only Finn, dear Finn, but someone who used to have more in common with Steffy than just their parents, a heroine who was so beloved that following her passing, she was given a surprise twin sister and a force of nature who was so powerful, we never imagined that anything could take her out.

Click here or on the photo gallery below to look through red-rimmed eyes at the characters who preceded Finn in crossing over to the hereafter.