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“She just always wanted to be loved.”

Any hope that Bold & Beautiful villainess Sheila ever had of having a relationship with her son and grandson probably went up in gunsmoke when she fired at Steffy and hit Finn instead. And that has to be a bummer for Kimberlin Brown, who, before the shot heard ’round the world, told that all the character “ever wanted was to be loved. She’s just never had the opportunity to do that because of people that had gotten in the way.”

Sure, people. Or in this case, her nasty plot to push Brooke off the wagon so that she’d kiss Deacon and blow up her marriage to Ridge. “Sheila just doesn’t know how else to handle the situation,” Brown sighed, adding that “everything she does, she does do for love.”

True, at least in Sheila’s warped mind.

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Sheila, Steffy dumpster B&B

“Can ya feel the love now?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Things could have been very different for the character, who first appeared on The Young and the Restless back in 1990. But when she revealed herself as Finn’s mother, she was met with nothing but obstacles. “Why can’t I just be happy? Why can’t I be loved? Because you say no?'” Brown asked as Sheila would. “‘Because you say I’ll never be a part of your family? It’s like, ‘Who gives you the right to do that?’ That’s kind of the way I look at my character when I play her.”

The other characters, however, look at her like the madwoman who once “killed” Taylor, murdered a man with bees (yes, bees), kidnapped Ridge and half brother Nick, and took aim at pretty much every member of the Forrester family. Which made her addition to their family portraits kinda… well, a non-starter. As you wait to feel the aftershocks of poor Finn’s shooting…

Check out photos from Sheila’s reign(s) of terror below.