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“Get your popcorn popped and be ready… ” 

Tensions are rising, threats are being made and viewers are on the edge of their seats as this week, The Bold and the Beautiful prepares to shock fans with a twist they say will change the show forever.

We first heard about the game-changing plot back in late January, when supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk teased viewers of the weekly Bold Live chatfest. “I’m not allowed to talk about storyline,” he said at the time, “but let me just say, in about two months’ time, The Bold and the Beautiful will never be the same.”

Flash-forward two months and… well, it appears the time has finally come. “Get your popcorn popped and be read for this week ahead,” he told Bold Live viewers, referring to the episodes currently unspooling. “As long as we don’t have any [preemptions], this is the week.”

In other words, after weeks of speculation, we’ll finally know both what he was talking about and whether the twist lives up to the hype.

So far, little is known about the shocker, although it seems safe to say it will involve Sheila. After all, despite the former nurse’s claims to have turned over a new leaf, we’ve seen her slowly unraveling, particularly since making the huge mistake of letting slip to Thomas the fact that she pushed Brooke off the wagon.

Given that the soap tapes weeks in advance, cast members are obviously clued in to what’s about to go down… and they’re shook. “When I turned the page of the script and saw what’s going to happen,” original cast member John McCook (Eric) told Kasprzyk, “I just flipped out.”

This came on the heels of Krista Allen (Taylor) suggesting that viewers “are going to go nuts” when they find out what’s in store.

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Above: “Something bad is about to happen, Thomas… watch your step!”

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One thing we know won’t be happening, despite several fans suggesting it might be fun: a time jump. (“We could go back and I’m still married to Stephanie,” equipped McCook before acknowledging that the show will not be going “forward or back, or even sideways,” in time.

So what, exactly, will be happening? While the truth will only be known once the episode airs, leading speculation is that a character will be biting the dust. And while many (including us) have speculated that the victim might be Ridge, odds makers are now suggesting that Steffy’s husband, Finn, will be the one to meet a grim fate.

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Above: “Steffy, look at me. I’m too good looking to die! Bad things don’t happen to people like me! I mean, er, us!”

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Certainly the writing seemed to be on the wall when Steffy put her quest for the truth about Sheila’s connection to Thomas on hold in order to share a romantic evening with her spouse. When Finn declared “we have a great life together, and we have so much to look forward to,” alarm bells went off for many viewers. Others felt his fate was sealed when Finn repeatedly said he would “do anything” to keep his wife and their children safe.

Others, however, think Sheila, not the son with whom she’s recently-reconnected, will be the one to bite the bullet. Others feel as if Thomas’ efforts to reunite his parents by keeping Sheila’s secret will bite him in the proverbial butt. And we’re still not entirely convinced that Ridge will survive the week. But what do you think?

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