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Is the soap’s next fashion trend going to be — gasp — mourning clothes?

Recently, pondered the possibility that The Bold and the Beautiful wasn’t big enough for both Steffy and Sheila. (Read our chilling theory here.) But what if we’ve got it all wrong? What if the character who’s in danger is neither of them but… Finn!

Think about it. If the two women about whom the doc cares so deeply were to engage in a deadly face-off, he’d feel compelled to intervene. In doing so, he could put himself right in the line of fire.

Imagine the guilt that eat away at Steffy, were her beloved husband to be killed trying to save her! Ponder Sheila’s agony at realizing that her single-minded pursuit of a relationship with her son had cost him his life! And then imagine the fallout.

Shirtless Finn and Steffy in love BB

“Take a picture, it might last longer.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Steffy, in her hour of need, would lean on Liam, reawakening Hope’s fears that the exes share a bond that still hasn’t been broken. Maybe then, she, in turn, could lean on Wyatt, bringing to life the story idea Darin Brooks recently floated. (Read it here.)

As for Sheila, she’d be more dangerous than ever. With Finn gone, her focus would be on grandbaby Hayes. If Steffy, Ridge and Taylor tried to block her access to the child — and who wouldn’t, for heaven’s sake! — she could end up adding yet another casualty to her body count.

Could it really happen? Well, we know that something humongous is coming down the pike, we just aren’t quite sure yet what it is. During a recent edition of Bold Live, John McCook (Eric) admitted that “when I turned the page of the script and saw what’s going to happen, I just flipped out.

“And that’s when I’m a fan!” he added. “It’s when I’m reading the scripts that we’re going to shoot next week, and something happens. That’s what’s really fun for us, too.”

Just this Monday, Bold & Beautiful had Finn and Steffy flash back over key moments in their idyllic life together — one of the soap’s favorite tricks when it’s about to upend (or just plain end) an idyllic life. What do you think? Is Finn toast?

While we ponder this crushing possibility, check out more soap deaths we just never got over in the below photo gallery.