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The actress isn’t holding back — and we love it! 

Since taking over as Bold & Beautiful’s Taylor, Krista Allen has not held back on letting folks know what she thinks about the shrink, or the other characters on the show who she’s mixed up with. And while she may have some issues with Taylor’s decision making, the actress is ready to defend her tooth and nail.

During a recent interview, with the Soap Party podcast, talk quickly turned to fan reaction. She asked the hosts how mad they were that Taylor told Ridge about Brooke’s slipup.

The ladies felt, as have many fans, that Taylor was pretty much sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She’s just been looking for the chance to prove that she’s better for Ridge than Brooke, and once she had the ammo she needed, she went for it.

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No, no, no Allen said, that’s not it at all.

“I don’t care what you guys say,” she insisted, “I don’t look at it like she’s just waiting for that to happen.” In her mind, Taylor never came back to town intent on getting Ridge. She came back to be with her family.

The actress gets where fans are coming from, but Taylor knew that Brooke had been sitting on this for months and had done nothing but lie to Ridge about it. It was about speaking the truth, not pouncing on the opportunity she’d been waiting for to get her man back.

“And,” she added “this is the same woman who has fought so hard to be with him, and has done a lot of things to Taylor to keep Ridge. Yet she is, from Taylor’s perspective, cheating on him with Deacon. That’s all she knew.”

ridge and taylor embrace at forrester bb

Above: If that were Allen instead of Taylor, she’d probably be telling Ridge off!

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If folks were in her situation, she asked, what would they do? Would they keep their mouths shut or would they feel like Ridge needed to know the truth? And while she’d have loved for Taylor to just spill the beans and tell them they needed to work it out on their own, the show has to “make Taylor ‘Taylor.’”

The real kicker, though, she insisted, was that “Ridge doesn’t deserve either of us.” As she put it, “most men are not running from a great woman, they’re running away from parts of themselves that they’re not willing to fix.” And Ridge must have a lot of broken parts that he’s ignored after running back and forth between Brooke and Taylor for decades.

“When you’re in love with someone,” Allen noted, “you aren’t looking at someone else. But,” she concluded wryly, “if he didn’t keep going back, you wouldn’t have the show.”

What are your thoughts? Was Taylor just trying to do the right thing or did she take advantage of the situation for her own benefit? And do you think Ridge deserves a time out more than he deserves Brooke or Taylor?

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