Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Don Diamont B&B
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“Bill Spencer” definitely likes to have his cake and eat it too!

Don Diamont (Bill) “had a blast” joining Bold & Beautiful stars Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Jack Wagner (Nick) on The Talk on Monday, March 21st for an appearance in honor of the show and Lang’s 35th anniversaries. The fun-loving actor shared a photo of the trio posing with the show’s hosts and a fancy cake they provided, and then a mischievous clip from behind-the-scenes…

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In the hilarious aside, Diamont whispers to his followers that this has to “stay between us,” and warns, “Don’t tell Kelly, don’t tell Jack… and don’t tell Sheryl Underwood, whatever you do!” As she shoves cake into his mouth he then reveals that he stole the confection from the posed photo and is devouring it. Watch the “must-see” naughtiness by clicking the arrow on his post:

Lang also shared some outtakes from her appearance, including her introduction. She quite enjoyed the visit to The Talk and noted, “It was fun to have a few laughs.”

The Talk hosts surprised Katherine Kelly Lang by playing a clip of her original screen test with co-star John McCook (Eric). Genuinely moved, as she had never seen the recording before, Lang was gracious as always as she gushed, “I got the part because of him!” We loved seeing the pair so many moons ago. Watch the adorable “baby” Katherine Kelly Lang for yourself:

If you missed seeing Diamont, Wagner, and Lang on The Talk (or just want to enjoy it all over again!) we’ve got it:

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