Kelly Kruger, Darin Brooks wedding anniversary B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

These very-marrieds are best friends, partners in crime and still get butterflies!

It seems like just yesterday these kids tied the knot… and now they’re a family of four celebrating yet another wedding anniversary… their sixth, in fact! After posting a super-romantic photo montage set to Train’s Marry Me, Darin Brooks (Wyatt) marveled to his wife and sometimes Bold & Beautiful co-star, Kelly Kruger Brooks (Eva, ex-Mackenzie, Young & Restless), “Honestly, I don’t know how we got here…”

Her lovestruck hubby went on to note, “I always say, Time flies when you’re having fun. And honestly, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing…” This comes as no surprise to anyone who follows their social media accounts and watches their fun (and very funny!) clips.

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Brooks then gushed, “You are my best friend! My partner in crime! You are the best mother and gave me my two absolutely beautiful daughters! And I say gave because you did all the work!” He also, of course, proclaimed his love repeatedly. So sweet! Watch his photo montage by clicking the arrow on the post below:

We like to say “the couple that slays together, stays together,” and the Brooks’ certainly do that. In fact, Kelly Kruger Brooks posted a photo montage of her own to pay tribute to her hubs and their love on their sixth wedding anniversary.

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Set to Adrian Berenguer’s Little Things, her homage featured her thoughts on what it takes to succeed at marriage (hint: there’s work involved) and a rundown on what Brooks has brought to her life, which includes, “Happiness, tons of laughter, lots of lessons and growth and who’s given me my greatest gifts; our 2 girls (of course @chanceypantsbrooks too). Well, you can’t forget the pooch! She finished with the romantic sentiment, “You’re always my best friend first and I still get the same butterflies I got from day one. Love you babe!” Watch it below: wishes Darin and Kelly Kruger Brooks a very happy anniversary!

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