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It ain’t easy being caught between Steffy and Mommie Dearest.

Finn, Finn, Finn. During an ill-advised visit this week, The Bold & Beautiful doctor tries to prescribe mom Sheila a chill pill in hopes of gradually easing her into his family with Steffy. But asking the madwoman to lay low is kinda like asking the Logan sisters not to judge others. In other words, it’s damn near impossible.

“He really wants her to stick to the program,” portrayer Tanner Novlan tells Soap Opera Digest, “and be on board with the best way to mend the families.”

Even if Sheila were able to grant his request — little does Finn realize that she’s already been up to her old tricks! — he’d have another fairly insurmountable obstacle to overcome. And this one, he happens to be married to! “He’s always nervous about overstepping with Steffy, which doesn’t take much,” Novlan admits. “She’s actually a lot like Sheila… She always wants what is best for her family.”

Finn, Steffy make out B&B

“C’mon, Finn, say those three little words I love: Honey, you’re right.”

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Since no sane person would say that Sheila — who once “murdered” Taylor, held Ridge hostage and threatened pretty much everybody in town — is what’s best for anyone, the odds of Steffy ever agreeing to welcome the psycho with open arms fall somewhere between… eh, slim to none. So in the end, he seems destined to lose either Hayes’ mother or his own.

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Is Finn crazier than Sheila to think that she can ever be just another member of the dysfunctional Forrester family? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo, which retells the whole love story of Steffy and Finn.