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Tested again! It’s Logan vs. Spencer when this married couple square off over his latest blunder… who will prevail?!?

In a new promo, Annika Noelle and Scott Clifton bring the big drama as their Bold & Beautiful characters face off in Brooke’s living room over yet another difference of opinion. The question is, “Who will prevail?”

Liam and Hope have been on a pretty even keel lately… well, at least they have been since they clashed over her determination to have her ex-con father, Deacon Sharpe, become a part of the family after his release from prison. Of course, Hope was able to get Liam to come around — for the most part — where Deacon is concerned. “Happy wife, happy life” may be Liam’s new motto after she managed to take him back after he slept with Steffy again.

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Now it appears the, erm, happy couple has moved on to house renovations (no, they still haven’t moved off Brooke’s property!) and Liam’s latest screw up has Hope popping off like never before!

It seems that Liam hired someone he owed a favor to rather than the “perfect” contractor that Hope had lined up, and while Liam didn’t think it was a “big deal”, Hope was fuming over his choice and the project going awry. She really lets Liam have it in the clip and informs her clueless hubby, “This is a nightmare!”

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Getting into the nitty-gritty of Hope’s discontent, she had asked for the backyard pergola to be redesigned to look like a Tuscan cabana and all the guy did was stare at her! Liam protests and asks her to give the worker a chance, but then we see who he hired and it’s a shocker!

Suddenly, we understand why Hope has told her husband there’s something about him that “makes the hairs on the back of her neck [stand up]”! As he parades through the living room on his break, Hope puts on a polite show of things, but it’s clear she’s at her wit’s end. After the break is cut short, Liam finally agrees to make some calls after his wife declares, “I want him gone by tomorrow!”

It turns out the “contractor” is none other than Purdue Pete, the mascot of the Purdue Boilermakers NCAA basketball team, who is known to be one of the creepiest looking mascots of all time!

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Liam and Hope are not on the outs and this is a new promo for CBS Sports, which will be pre-empting Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless on Thursday, March 17 and Friday, March 18 in order to broadcast the March Madness basketball games. Watch the fun promo by clicking the arrow on the post below:

He may not have messed up this time, but there have been plenty of others! Join us in looking back on Liam’s legendary screw-ups in the photo gallery below.

Video: CBS Sports and Bold and Beautiful/Instagram