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She knows her alter-ego better than almost anyone, but that doesn’t mean they have the same tastes.

Annika Noelle took on the role of Hope Logan back in 2018 when her predecessor, Kim Matula, left to pursue other projects, and quickly made the part her own. The character, who Noelle refers to as a “hopeless romantic,” was still hung-up on her first love, Liam Spencer, and still entangled in a long-running love triangle with him and Steffy, but she began dealing with more mature themes once the couple got pregnant.

In a recent interview with Regard, the actress was asked about Hope’s development, and Noelle expressed a hope that she had “brought more gravitas to the character.” Certainly, Brooke’s daughter is no longer the innocent she once was after all she’s been through.

When Hope went into labor on Catalina Island during a storm with only the duplicitous Dr. Buckingham in attendance, few will forget the raw performance Noelle gave during the tumultuous delivery scenes or when the character was later told her daughter had died (she hadn’t). What followed was an extended dark period for the character, which definitely lent itself to the development of “many more layers and depth” along with Hope’s continuing “joie de vivre”, for which the actress expressed her appreciation.

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And while Noelle knows the fictional Hope better than almost anyone, she doesn’t necessarily share the same tastes — particularly when it comes to their sense of style. Of fans who assume she and Hope dress similarly, Noelle assures, “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Citing her fashion influences as “90s grunge” and “the clean lines and classic style of Audrey Hepburn,” Noelle asserts, “I dress nothing like my soap opera character in real life.”

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Hope’s wardrobe tends toward business traditional with pops of color and boho chic, which is also the style of her clothing line, Hope For the Future. Though the younger Logan tends toward conservative choices, the character is not immune from comments from the show’s devoted viewers-turned-fashion-critics.

Indeed, Hope and other characters have turned up in some truly eyebrow-raising outfits on-screen. Yes, we’re thinking of the Bo Peep dress! See a photo of it, and other outlandish styles in the Bold & Beautiful’s eye-popping fashion gallery below.