rena sofer and Lawrence saint-victor
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It’s been a hot minute but many miss seeing this former duo steaming up the screen together.

Carter may be head over heels for Paris these days but it wasn’t too long ago when he felt the same about Quinn and was whispering sweet nothings in her ear. The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rena Sofa posted a photo from the set with Lawrence Saint-Victor and asked fans, “Who misses this?” She went on to express that she misses “Quarter” and loves “working with this guy!”

Saint-Victor jumped into the comments to express his love for the actress, as fans chimed in as well to show just how much they miss them onscreen together. Walter Edwards replied, “Y’all had the hottest, most realistic scenes together. I was like damn,” while Lisa Roth agreed, “You guys sizzled, miss that.”

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So, does that mean we are going to see future scenes with these two? It would be interesting to watch how Carter would react if Quinn came back in the picture and wanted to be with him now. Would he rush into her arms or continue to “hold back” on pursuing a relationship with Paris. We all know how well that’s worked for him in the past!

Fans had a lot to say about that as well. Sheilarball stated, “No chemistry between Carter and Paris! Sparks fly with Quinn,” as Sheilalescadre pretty much echoed the previous statement, “They were so much better than him and Paris.”

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Where do you stand? Team Quarter or Team Caris? Be sure to leave us your thoughts and show your support in the comments section.

And when she’s not working, Sofer and her husband recently had a little fun while she was washing the day away. “My brilliant husband had the idea to photograph me while taking my makeup off after work one day,” she posted, along with a black and white photo. “I love his artistry and his eye. Not to mention him.”

And on that note, we’ve included a gallery below filled with photos featuring beauty products used by the daytime actresses, as well as tips to help you feel your very best. You might be surprised to find that you already have some of these items in your bathroom!