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The truth could set them free… of some baggage they needn’t carry.

We’ve written before about how flummoxed we’ve been by the way Bold & Beautiful has written Steffy and Thomas as obsessed with reuniting their parents. (And likely will again!) Even Thorsten Kaye has copped to being a bit amused by it. And over the course of the story, the siblings’ single-minded pursuit of a “Tridge” rematch has painted them in rather a bad light.

“How’s that?” you ask.

On one hand, they want Mom back together with the man who has broken her heart time after time after time. On the other, they have treated Dad’s marriage to Brooke like an old sweater that he long ago should have discarded. So it’s a combo platter of senseless and kinda mean.

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However, the show could undo the damage with a single twist of plot: Have Thomas share with Steffy Sheila’s involvement in Brooke’s tumble off the wagon, and have the two of them then decide to do the right thing and fill in their folks and Brooke.

“How would that help?” you ask.

It would allow the sibs to say, “Ya know what? We don’t like Brooke. Never have, never will. And we’re totally #TeamTridge. But this is just wrong, so we have to do for Brooke what we would want someone to do for us if we were Sheila’s victims.”

As an added bonus for Steffy, coming clean about her monster-in-law’s misdeed might finally open Finn’s eyes to the kind of amoral harpy Sheila really is.

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Wouldn’t it be both surprising and restorative for Steffy and Thomas to do the right thing, no matter the personal cost? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, our salute to more of soaps’ siblings.