Brooke lets Ridge Go BB
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Thomas lets Sheila know she’s evil with a capital E.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of March 7 – 11, Sheila finally tells someone that Brooke had it coming. Read about it, and watch the preview.

Steffy and Thomas were thrilled that their parents had reunited, but Ridge still couldn’t wrap his head around why Brooke threw everything away for booze and Deacon. Taylor told him they may never know why she chose to drink again.

Eventually, Brooke put Taylor on notice and told her to stay away from her husband because she was going to get him back and it would be Taylor hurt in the end. Meanwhile, with pushing from Hope, Deacon tried to convince Ridge to forgive Brooke, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Deacon then went straight to Brooke and told her if Ridge can’t see how amazing she is, well he does and loves her. He left Brooke with a lot to think about.

When Sheila dropped by the cliff house to see Taylor, who wasn’t there, Thomas made it clear that his family was finally getting back together and they didn’t need her around causing trouble. Infuriated, Sheila blurted out that his parents were back together because of her, and Thomas began to put the pieces together.

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In a preview of what’s to come, Sheila relishes to Taylor that all it took for Brooke to destroy her marriage was one crazy night. Taylor smiles, having finally been reunited with the man she’s loved for so many years.

At the mansion, Brooke tells Ridge that she messed up and she has to let him go. Ridge asks if she’s really saying this to him? Is Ridge having second thoughts about giving up on Brooke so easily? Or did Deacon’s words get to Brooke and make her realize she too has options?

Finally, Thomas, who has figured out what Sheila did, confronts her. Though he has no love for Brooke, he notes duping an alcoholic into drinking is just pure evil. Sheila vents that Brooke had it coming and that bitch deserved every last drop!

Will Thomas reveal what Sheila did? Or will she find a way to shut him up? And even if the truth comes out, is it too late for Brooke and Ridge?

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