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We have a feeling this isn’t going to be pretty.

It finally happened. On Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila slipped up and all but admitted to Thomas that she switched Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne for the real deal. Sheila tried backpedaling a bit, but Ridge’s son isn’t dumb, he realized exactly what she meant. The question is, what’s he going to do now?

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Thomas Atkinson spoke to Soap Opera Digest for their latest issue explaining that Sheila’s going to be busy trying to manipulate his character to keep him from blowing her cover — but that’s just going to make them both anxious, mistrustful and edgy!

“You’ve got two people very much on edge,” he explained, “and they both have histories of evil behavior and being wolves. So when you put two wolves in a cage together, you can imagine what might happen.”

Yes. Yes, we can. And it isn’t pretty.

Thomas has been working hard to convince everyone that he’s a changed man after his Hope obsession (not to mention that mannequin nonsense), and while a blain bleed may have explained some of his behavior, it didn’t excuse all of it. For a time there, he just went off the rails.

That means that even more than some other more stable, upstanding characters, Thomas only has a very slim window of opportunity to take Sheila down without dragging himself down too. And he may already be blowing right past it.

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Above: Finger pointing is all well and good, Thomas, but only if you do it before everyone’s lives are ruined.

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No matter when he speaks up, it will, without a doubt, mean an end to Sheila’s plans and maybe even Sheila herself, at least as far as trying to insert herself into everyone’s lives. But it could also do the same thing to Thomas. Sheila puts Thomas in a bad position just by telling him the truth of what happened to Brooke.

Because if Ridge and Hope find out that he knew Sheila set up Brooke and he didn’t say anything right away, they could be real quick to forget about his redemption. And the longer he waits, the more lives could be destroyed or sent down irreversible paths. Once that happens, no amount of coming clean will save him. There’s no way Sheila wouldn’t gleefully tell everyone that Thomas had known for some time before he said anything.

And if someone else finds out what happened and speaks up before him? That’s even worse.

Ridge has always been in his son’s corner but learning that Thomas isn’t reciprocating that (even though he may think keeping quiet is doing what’s best for his dad) could finally turn him. And then there’s Hope. Finding out that Thomas didn’t do what he could to clear Brooke’s name the second Sheila blurted the truth out will have to tick her off. That’s not something you want to do with the woman who’s sharing custody of your son.

Sheila may have shot herself in the foot, but she also may have put Thomas in a no-win situation here. What happens when you put two wolves in a cage together? They tear each other apart.

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What do you think? Will Thomas speak up before it’s too late or will he end up going down with Sheila? He may think he can go toe-to-toe with his family’s nemesis, but he wouldn’t be the first to make that mistake and he likely won’t be the last. After all, Sheila was terrorizing folks across the country before he was even born!

So before heading out, why not take a look back at some of her greatest (or should that be most infamous?) hits with a gallery chronicling the life and times of Sheila Carter.