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On March 4, 2019, the actress welcomed her firstborn into the world and gave him a name filled with hope and change.

It’s funny how just a year ago, Bold & Beautiful‘s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) was preparing for the birth of her third child, even as she was celebrating the birthday of her oldest son, Rise. Now, of course, she’s the proud mom of three boys and it’s clear that this “mama bear” couldn’t be happier.

Rise may still be young, but we can already tell the kid’s got his mom’s sense of style and adventure — plus it was apparent by his first Halloween that he was going to make one heck of a motorcycle rider. Of course, the kid still has plenty of time to decide how he wants his life to go, and we have no doubt his adoring parents will cheer him on in whatever he decides to do.

All you have to do is check out this timeline of photos and you’ll realize the same. So go ahead, scroll through and be ready for some of the most stunning, joyful moments ever caught on camera!

Rise Up

Wood celebrated her firstborn’s birth with two simple words: “My world.”  The first time mom shared a photo from the hospital, cradling newborn Rise Harlen to her as she and hubby Elan Ruspoli kissed.

From Mother’s Day…

Wood celebrated her first Mother’s Day with an unusually adorable Emmy photo, Rise sitting on her lap as she got ready for daytime’s most important night of the year. “This is life now,” she explained, “and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Me getting ready in my kitchen cause going from room to room with a baby attached to you is impossible.”

… To Father’s Day

“Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more than I already do,” adoring mom and wife wrote of Ruspoli, “an even deeper level of love and awe filled my heart watching you become a father. You are the most selfless, hardworking, loving husband. Rise is so lucky to have such a stand-up man to call Dada.”

Triple Threat

This was the moment Wood and Rise moved beyond mother/son matching outfits and into mother/son/pup matching outfits! We guess Ja’mie just couldn’t stand being left out of the fun any longer. Three hearts really are the perfect caption here.

Daddy Goals

Take note fellas! Wood made it clear that “The sexiest thing your man can tell you is, ‘Baby, why don’t you sleep in, and I’ll take care of our child this morning.” We can totally understand why she got “all hot and bothered.”

Like Mother, Like Son

The actress picked up a few tips from her own dad — like how to properly workout with a little one! “I have a home video of my dad working out with me as a baby in my Jolly Jumper,” she wrote, “now, here I am doing the same workout with my son in his Jolly Jumper. I finally get it, Dad!”

Beach Bums

After some time out on the sand, there was only one way for the day to end for Rise and Ja’mie — with what is hands down the cutest post-beach video we’ve ever seen! It can be so tough to find just the right position for a good, long nap.

Puppy Love

Yes, there was more Rise/Ja’mie bonding, and no, we don’t expect anyone to complain. Wood’s pup had to be so proud of how “her” baby was growing up, and clearly, he had a lot of love to share. “I could watch them all day,” Wood wrote. So could we.

High Fashion

Yes, mom and son look fierce in their Versace, but that’s not the takeaway from this pic. Rise was standing! It was a first for Wood’s little man, at least on Instagram, and Rise looked fierce while he did it to boot!

Comfy Cozy

Once he’d mastered standing, the next step was standing in a robe, of course. It’s one of life’s most important skills. Mom wasn’t just showing off the robe, though. “My world,” she wrote. “Happy National Son Day!”


We’re just going to let Wood guide you through this moment of sweet tranquility and wish you the same contentment as Rise watching the sun come up. “Take three deep breaths,” she wrote, “release the tension from the front of your forehead and your shoulders… Ahhhhhh.”

Wolf Pack

And then there were four. With the birth of Lenix, Rise’s family grew by one just weeks before his second birthday. So naturally mom had to celebrate her eldest son’s birth in style, with the fluffiest, wildest theme out there. Even Ja’mie got all dressed up for the occasion.

Brotherly Love

Rise was clearly a natural to the big bro gig, teaching Lenix the fundamentals right from the start while Ja’mie watched over the two of them. And it sounds like Rise went straight for a classic to help with his lesson. “This lil piggy went to the market,” Wood captioned the pic.

Staying Grounded

Nearly the whole family — Ruspoli, Wood, Rise and Ja’mie — got in touch with the earth beneath their feet for the perfect “Fam bam grounding sesh.” Lenix, though, went for a little flight. Actually, if Rise’s outstretched arms are any indication, it looks like he might have been joining his little brother!

White Christmas

Rise was finally old enough to help out with the decorating this past Christmas, which clearly made things much easier. He took the low branches and mom took the high ones! No wonder Wood was “Grateful for moments like these.”

Feeling Zesty

Helping prepare breakfast or practicing for his lemonade stand? Or rather, we should say orange juice stand? “Handpicked and freshly squeezed,” mom explained. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Rise helped out with the picking. After all, we already saw that he knows his way around a tree!

Born to Be Wild

Rise isn’t just making his mom proud — we’re pretty sure he’d also make motorcycle-riding Steffy proud too! The youngin’ graduated from Harley-themed Halloween pics right to motocross themed training wheels. And the best part? Safety first. Rise was prepared for anything.

A Knight to Remember

Who says chivalry is dead? For his third birthday, Rise donned cape and tunic, picked up his sword and shield and charged into his new year head-on! He was, as mom put it, “Already slayin’ 3.”

Project Superpowers

From the tranquility of a sound bath, to the chilly excitement of an ice bath, Rise has learned how to “release all the negative energy.” And yes, Wood added, “my son loves going in ice baths. He’s says that’s where he gets his superpowers.” Hey, beats getting bitten by a radioactive spider!

A Family Complete

With Brando’s birth, the family was up to five, and Wood celebrated her boys, her pups and her loves in a beautifully tranquil video that made clear just how lucky Rise and his brothers all truly are.

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