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From missing characters to wardrobe choices, fans have a lot to say! 

After weeks of listening to Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke wonder why she suddenly felt compelled to drink while Taylor’s grown children plotted to reunite her with Ridge, February sweeps saw a sudden shift. After Brooke tried to prevent her husband from killing Deacon, Ridge pulled a Liam by switching women in the blink of an eye. The next thing we knew, Taylor was canoodling with Ridge, and the show’s official account was celebrating the family’s reunion.

Fans, however, weren’t quite ready to raise a toast. Instead, hundreds responded with tweets ranging from hysterically funny to NSFW, many of them suggesting Taylor hold off on popping open a bottle of champagne just yet, while others mocked just how invested Steffy and Thomas were in their parents’ personal lives.

More than a few thought things were a little too close for comfort at Steffy’s house, noting that perhaps these supposedly rich folks should consider buying more property. (This same issue came up when Thomas briefly wound up living with Paris after his attempt to purchase a home fell through.)

Others found it more than a little odd that the entire focus of this story was on Steffy and Thomas, wondering if anyone had bothered to tell Ridge and Brooke’s son that their marriage had hit the skids yet again.

Perhaps most amusing was the extended discussion about Thomas’ wardrobe choice, with would-be Eye on Fashion columnists pointing out that he looked ready to beam aboard the starship Enterprise.

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Above: Who wore it better?

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While the usual skirmishes broke out between those who support Brooke and those who are #TeamTaylor, some managed to cross enemy lines to suggest that Ridge didn’t deserve either woman. “They need to bring in a new man,” Mark F. said via Facebook… before going on to offer up himself. “It’s a difficult job, but someone’s got to romance these beautiful women and show them what they’re worth. I volunteer as tribute!”

What do you think, readers? Will Taylor and Ridge’s latest reunion last… or will he wind up forgiving Brooke, as he’s done so many times before? Hit the comments section with your predictions, then help us to remind Taylor of 10 times when Ridge proved he’s just not that into her.