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The once and likely future couple “have great kids.” But

It’s not just us. Turns out, Thorsten Kaye has wondered, too, about the way that The Bold and the Beautiful has written Ridge’s children as being obsessed with reuniting him and Taylor. Steffy’s got a company to run, kids to raise and a marriage to maintain, and Thomas has got…

Umm. We’re sure he’s got something on his to-do list. At any rate, “these are two grown people with their own lives, and they want to get Mommy and Daddy to get back together?” Kaye recently mused to Soap Opera Digest. “I guess they miss Daddy tucking them in at night?

“I’m joking, of course,” he added. Ha — we got that.

And though it is hard to believe that Ridge would put up with his children telling him flat out that he should be with Taylor and not “stepmonster” Brooke — we’ve actually written extensively about it — their shenanigans have provided Kaye with a welcome change of pace. “It’s actually been fun to play this new aspect of the story,” he said, “and Ridge and Taylor have great kids.”

“Great” might be a stretch, at least when it comes to pro-grade conniver Thomas. But props to Kaye for speaking from Ridge’s heart.

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