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If any soap could pull it off, it’s this one.

In daytime’s long history, camp and drama have often gone hand in hand. It’s kind of inevitable when you’ve got a genre of endless love triangles, evil twins and outsized corporate intrigue. That’s been toned down in modern times, but few shows still on the have mastered it over the years as well as The Bold and the Beautiful. This is the soap that gave us Sally Spectras One and Two, cake fights, death by bees and attempted death by smothering Donna in honey and luring a bear to eat her.

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So, when a fan tweeted to Sean Kanan that he’d love to see a special Bold & Beautiful April Fool’s Day episode where the show leans into the camp and ends with Deacon running off with Brooke and Taylor, the actor was all in.

“Love that idea,” Kanan responded with a retweet. And of course he does! Or rather, we’re sure Deacon does! He’d get a woman on each arm! But still, the whole idea got us thinking…

This could actually be the perfect way to address some of the show’s issues lately. Making a special April Fools’ Day episode doesn’t mean that it has to be a total fake-out or have no consequences. Nor does it mean that it has to completely ridiculous. It could just be a way for the show to ratchet things up to an 11 or so in order to make some real change happen.

Plus, everyone’s just been so darn unlikable on the show lately that this would be a great way to cut loose and have a little fun.

The Fight to End All Fights

Now, the first thing we need is a good, old-fashioned soapy catfight. And we mean a knockdown, drag-out battle. We know Bold & Beautiful is up to the task — remember that Sheila/Quinn clash from a few years back? But they’re going to need something big, and it’s got to go down between Brooke and Taylor.

Yes, they’re two grown women who’ve matured over the years and should be beyond fights like this, but after a month of tensions building between the two as Ridge waffles back and forth, they finally reach the end of their respective ropes. They tear into each other, slaps and food flying. And that’s when Sheila enters, delighted to see Brooke getting knocked around, but worried that her new BFF Taylor is coming under fire.

She decides to step in and take over the Brooke smackdown, proudly declaring that she was the one who ruined the blonde’s life. That should get Brooke’s attention and let Taylor know who’s got her back! But since the shrink isn’t a sociopath, she doesn’t have quite the reaction Sheila was hoping for.

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Above: Brace yourselves, because it’s about to get wild.

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Instead, Taylor’s furious with Sheila for having set off a chain of events that’s turned her once stable life turned upside down again as she’s gotten sucked into the same old drama as before. And Brooke’s angry with Sheila, of course, but she also feels like Taylor’s to blame for associating with the unstable woman. The two-way fight turns into a three-way and then, just as Ridge bursts in to try to break them up… Taylor and Brooke realize they’ve hit rock bottom.

This has been going on for too long and has gotten way too out of control. What were they thinking? They stop the fight and decide that neither one of them needs Ridge, nor anyone for that matter. They tell their on-again/off-again husband to beat it, hop in their car and go all Thelma & Louise together.

As Days of Our Lives could tell the the CBS sudser, online spinoffs can turn into big hits, so that big twist that Bold & Beautiful has been teasing? It could be sending Brooke and Taylor off on their own road trip spinoff for a few months while they bond, sort out their priorities and get ready to make their big Los Angeles return as new women. Instead of, you know, driving off a cliff like the actual Thelma and Louise.

Oh, and before they head out, they turn Sheila into the cops and have the satisfaction of watching her get hauled off, screaming bloody vengeance, kicking at the police and vowing to take down the Logans, the Forresters and everyone else she’s ever run into.

Bro Bonding

That leaves poor Ridge all alone with Deacon, who lost not just the woman he was lusting after, but also one of his few pals, Sheila. What are two broken-hearted bachelors to do now? Go for a booze-filled night on the town, of course! Is that a bit insensitive after the alcohol-fueled spiral Brooke just went down? Sure! But since when has that ever stopped Ridge or Deacon?

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Above: That’s the look of two men about to break out into a soulful duet.

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The two men bury their enmity for one night and declare a truce as they reserve a private karaoke room to sing their broken hearts out. It would be easier to tolerate each other, though if they had someone to act as a mediator while they were out, so how about… Carter?

He’s the perfect man to keep Ridge and Deacon from killing each other while they drown their sorrows in the most hilariously off-key way possible. After all, he’s a lawyer. Acting as a level-headed intermediary is what he does!

Of course, while there, Carter meets the perfect woman off-screen while out getting refills for his increasingly incoherent bro-crew. We’re thinking blonde, smart, funny, maybe a little mysterious and with an air of danger. She’s there celebrating her mom’s birthday, and who doesn’t like a gal who’s supportive of her family?

Carter tells the guys all about her, then finally at the end of the night, bring her and mom into their private karaoke room to sing a few duets together. That’s when Ridge and Deacon meet… Amber and Tawny! Cue their jaws dropping to the floor.

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Above: “What, were you expecting The Judds?”

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“Oh!” Carter would realize, having come to town just months after the blonde was last seen. “You’re that Amber everyone always talks about!”

And scene.

Okay, so maybe that would take a couple episodes, but it would tie up Sheila’s troublemaking, put an end to this triangle that’s been causing pain for everyone involved for decades, and stop Carter’s philandering ways with a woman who is actually unattached! Plus, Tawny could bring her own touch of camp to the show for a bit, and provide a new, less destructive schemer to take over for Sheila. Maybe, she could even try cozying up to Deacon!

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So what do you think? Are you ready for some soapy camp? Or do you just want the show to shake things up a bit? Maybe you’ve even got a few off-the-wall ideas of your own that Bold & Beautiful should try out to fix some issues you’ve been having! Sound off below, then stop by to check out a gallery of Bold & Beautiful’s most eye-popping fashions, because if there’s one thing the show has even more of than camp, it’s style!